Dsl Based Sql Libraries

Note: This article is a work in progress Databases are the heart of a web application When looking for relational database SQL libraries, there are various options to choose from: Object Relation Mappers(ORMs) DSL based String interpolation based Each approach has it’s pro’s and cons. ORM’s are perhaps the most common/widely used, and their drawbacks are well documented and talked about, such as Object-Relational impedance mismatch, lack of control over generated SQL leading to performance problems, n+1 queries problem, and the promise of not having to deal with SQL only shifts that burden to having to maintain and configure the ORM itself. [Read more from Dsl Based Sql Libraries...]


Some time back while I was speaking with a friend of mine on Facebook, the topic of privacy came up - I no longer wanted to use Facebook. Unfortunately, he was kinda old school - he did not have a smartphone so we could not use Signal. So, inspired by Signal, I took it as a challenge to create an end to end encrypted messaging application. Yeah, I know I could use something like Matrix, but where’s the fun in that. [Read more from Chatto...]

A tale of Decision Trees, Java and OpenCL

I worked on a decision tree program in java for my final year MSc project. In a series of posts such as this one, I’ll be highlighting some of the aspects of it’s creation and implementation. A bit of background - this project is of great signficance to me, one reason being that it had many firsts - my first proper java project, my first foray into machine learning and GPGPU programming, my first GUI program, to mention a few. [Read more from a Tale of Decision Trees, Java and OpenCL...]